Edge Computing for Palm Trees

Not only do they constitute an essential dietary element for some nations, dates are also a source of national pride and identity (photo credit: Prof. Mark Tester).
Date farms in the Arabian peninsula come in all sizes, tastes, and flavors. From small farms with a couple of thousand trees to mega farms with hundreds of thousands of trees (photo credit: Prof. Mark Tester).

Moving the needle to the edge

  1. It results in too much communications to the back-end thus increasing the capital and operational cost of the communications solution itself.
  2. Too much communication in return depletes IoT devices batteries very quickly. With tens of thousands of trees per orchard, who wants to replace so many batteries so often?! For a date palm orchard owner, the math simply does not add up.
Palm trees can be infested by a variety of pests, with red palm weevil (RPW) being the most notorious and harmful. If infestation is not detected at an early stage, it may end up eradicating the tree entirely (photo credit: Prof. Mark Tester).
The ST Microelectronics STM32WL Nucleo-73 evaluation board hosting an ARM Cortex M4 microcontroller and a long-range low-power LoRa transceiver.

The need to drive cost down

The design of a smart tree “watch”

“Smart Tree Watch”: a proof-of-concept (PoC) system developed by Insyab. It features an array of 3 low-cost acoustic sensors with sufficient on-board processing capabilities to run machine inference.

Hitting the sweet

Our “Smart Tree Watch” design offers a very good detection performance and exploits the tolerance in false alarm performance to drive down cost.

Ushering the era of tree “wearables”




Entrepreneurial Technologist | Innovation Enthusiast

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Ahmed Bader

Ahmed Bader

Entrepreneurial Technologist | Innovation Enthusiast

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